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COFFEE MILL - CoconutMilk Mocha

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Discover an incredible delicacy based on fragrant and refreshing coconut milk , accompanied by a strong Italian coffee in character and undeniably tasty. The whole will be embellished with sweet and sweet salted butter caramel syrup for a treat of the taste buds of every moment.

Ingenious creation imagined by Vape Coffe Mill , the Coconutmilk Mocha invites to a real voyage of the senses to the paradise of the flavors. You will appreciate the sweetness and the scent of coconut milk which will be deposited gently on your taste buds then, it is at this moment that the intensity of the Italian coffee will express all its power. You will end with a gourmet and melting touch of salted butter caramel that will envelop your palate in a torrent of creamy flavors.

The Coconutmilk Mocha by Vape Coffee Mill is a subtly crafted alliance that will amaze your taste buds with milk coconut his coffee Italianand his last sweet notes of caramel salted butter .

It must be mixed with a PG / VG base to form an e-liquid for electronic cigarette . Dose it at 10% for a 50/50 base.